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With a history of more than 90 years, we, Qingdao Haiwan Specialty  Chemicals Co., Ltd.(Formerly Qingdao Double-Peach Specialty Chemicals (Group)Co.,Ltd,) is one of the leading manufacturers in China dyestuff and chemical industry. We received the honor as Qingdao high-tech company, Qingdao clean production company, Designated enterprise for dyes of PLA officer uniform etc.

As a technology intensive company in producing dyestuff and specialty chemicals, we had participated in making 2 national standards and 7 industry standards. Our main products include disperse dye, neutral dye, neuter dyes , nigrosine, basic dyes, azoic dyes, solvent dyes, polar dye, reactive dyes, leather dyes, arylies, pyrazolones and auxiliaries. Under "DOUBLE-PEACH" brand, our products are well recognized and accepted by customers across China and exported to more than 20 countries abroad. Currently we hold the No. 1 market share position for neutral dyes, aniline black, basic violet and fast scarlet g base in domestic market.

Certified by the ISO9001 and managed with the K/3 ERP SYSTEM and CRM customer resources system, we enforce strict quality control to make sure all products we offer meet customer's needs

The R&D center passed the verification as the Municipal Technology Center in 2004. From 2001, our R&D center has developed more than 150 new items. Among them, 40 products filled in the gap in China dye industry and 20 products was regarded as the Qingdao High-Tech products.

To make sure the sustainable development, we are paying great attention to the environmental protection. With daily treatment of 2500MT effluent, we are among the first factories who got the pollutant emission certificate in Qingdao.

In recent years, we have entered a period of high speed development. With a double digital annual sale volume increase, we now rank top 7 producers in China dye industry.

According to the Qingdao government policy of "environmental protection and development around the bay", we are now investing RMB1.6 billion in building a production base in Pindu Chemical Zone. In June, 2012, the first project of 82,000 MT intermediates has come to production. A brand new and more prosperous Double-Peach is now ahead of us.

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